Now before you go "Oh God EQ you’re so lame…Billie Ray Martin has been around for ages!", let me just preface that by saying "I know".  I can remember dancing around to her classic tune ‘Your Loving Arms’ in the clubs way back in my university days (I think my first boyfriend bought me the CD single actually), but it wasn’t until recently that I have sat up and listened to her music again in the way of new single ‘Undisco Me’ which DID made an appearance on the EQ Chart, but disappeared quite quickly.  Should I have heard the stunning and downright fucking crazy ‘Acid Jacks Mix’ which is available to download for free on her MySpace page, I might have gotten more excited! 

Thanks to EQ reader David, I’ve been playing Billie Ray again around the loft and am absolutely in love with her new tracks – think classic disco with dramatic and orchestral moments sprinkled with some subtle sparkly sounds.  ‘Undisco Me’ is a goddamned EQ classic.  Now David reckons the song should have gone to number one in the EQ Chart and maybe he is right – stay tuned for that but in the meantime take a moment to download your favourite mix of ‘Undisco Me’ over at iTunes or if you want to own a physical copy you can get one over at – one of my favourite online record shops.

So isn’t it time you re-discovered the vocal and soulful electro stylings of Billie Ray Martin again?  I think so and thanks to David for keeping le EQ in check.