His name is Christian George people.

Christian is energetically bursting on the pop scene with his sexually-charged electro song “Strangers” which you can hear in it’s full glory right now over at his MySpace hangout.

The buzz around “Strangers” is starting to really build. Paying homage to the classic Laura Brannigan track “Self Control” in his steamy debut single, it’s no surprise that people are listening and taking notice of Christian. With his striking good looks and a killer debut track under his belt, Christian obviously knows how to make all the girls and boys swoon. And that is what he has his sights set on.

Christian’s album is coming out very soon as well and here is what he had to say about the collection of hot tracks he has put together:

“Half of my songs are about sleeping with somebody and the others are about heartbreak. This album is very black or white. I’m either making you scream or you’re making me cry.”

Deee-lightful. I look forward to screaming with Christian George. Do you?