Say hello to the sexy and sultry Jamie Jo.  For the past week, there has been one dance tune that has dominated my iPod – and that track is Jamie Jo’s provocative new electronic single, appropriately titled, "You Turn Me On" which features the legendary silky backing vocals of Barry Gibb.

With one listen to "You Turn Me On" you are immediately transported to an era of disco-rock cool, Blondie infused attitude meshed with pieces of shattered glass from Madonna’s mirrorball.  It’s utterly catchy and you’ll be happy to have discovered Jamie Jo today on EQ.

Jamie Jo’s online presence is just beginning to ramp up so make sure you run over to her official MySpace to hear for yourself what I’m going on about in today’s post. 

In an excerpt from her bio, Jamie Jo describes why she is in love with electro music…

"There’s something special about electro, the sound," Jamie Jo shares. "I think that it really touches your senses. And I want to portray that and bring people a sultry, sexy feeling through my music."

That is perfectly fine by me Jamie Jo. 

With all this excitement building up around her, you can bet EQ will be more than curious about her upcoming album release "In Violet".  Visit her official website for more Jamie Jo news and information on this rising electro pop starlet.