This weekend I randomly discovered an indie/electro Australian band named Winterpark which have peaked my curiosity a bit.  They have put together some very melodic electronic tracks in the way of "Wall Kids" and "Never Alone" which are nothing short of beautiful.  It’s always difficult with electronica to capture intense emotion and I feel Winterpark have done this very well. 

Their video for "Wall Kids" was directed by Jarrah Gurrie and is taken from his short film called "Center of the Universe" which is a story of heartbreak and loneliness set in New York City and sees a young gay man joining a "cuddle group" to help him understand his problems.  The video is gorgeous and the Winterpark soundtrack is touching and poignant.  "Never Alone" has the same sublime and haunting Sia-like quality to it like "Breathe Me".

Take a look at the videos below and then make sure to check them out on MySpace to get a real feeling of what this electronic duo are all about.  You’ll have a feeling of calm, coolness and serenity while listening to the lush sounds of Winterpark.

Wall Kids

Never Alone