This bitch is hot.  I’m talking about her music too.  Meet Anjela.  She’s a New York indie artist and she’s currently sending out her album "The Tasting Menu" out to all digital download outlets.  From what I heard of it, it’s one menu you’ll want to get a bite of. 

Angela_album_coverCheck out the hot tracks on her MySpace player and I think you’ll agree.  Track "I Wanna Dance" has a fantastic 80’s freestyle vibe feel to it, reminiscent of Stacey Q, while the "No Way" remix reminds me ever so slightly of Jennifer Lopez in her early days.  Listening to "Give It To Me" you’ll instantly think of M.I.A. with it’s punchy marching band beats.  "Pressing Bodies" is a delightful sexual adventure – think of it as a more polite Khia if you will. 

Go and befriend her now EQs and support this great new artist on the scene.  I’m just totally enamoured and can’t wait to hear the album now.