Say Hello to Fritz Helder & The Phantoms.  They pretty much define the word electroqueer to a tee.  Bursting with fabulosity, glamour, trashtasticness, and some fun catchy electronica tunes, Fritz and his band of phantoms are spreading their craziness all around Canada and want you to take a listen.

EQ is quite fond of their tracks ‘Overtime’ and ‘Makin A Scene’ in which you can catch a little glimpse of their video below.  The video features what I thought was a Nelly Furtado look-a-like, but when she does the ass-shake, it pretty much confirms that that person is indeed the real Nelly Furtado!  It good to see dearest Nelly getting a little EQ for her mates isn’t it!

Make sure to check out Fritz Helder & The Phantoms on MySpace now and if you like what you hear, you can download their cleverly-titled debut album called ‘Greatest Hits’ on iTunes now. 

‘Makin A Scene’ – Video