It has to be said.  Fifteen year old (yes, fifteen!) Charlie XCX has got the whole Amy Winehouse look going on.  And as much as I can’t stand Amy Winehouse, I do quite like Charli XCX. 

Her debut single "!Franchesckaar!" is out on August 18th and out of all the promos that have piled up on my desk over the last two weeks while I was in NYC – "!Franchesckaar!" clearly stood out by a country mile.  Charli XCX has got something going on that really clicks with me.  I can’t stop playing her and if you take a listen to some of the tracks on her MySpace page, you’ll agree that she’s got some serious experimental, yet quirky genius electronica flowing from her noggin.  Take a listen to "I Want To Be Darth Vadar" – fucking awesome.

Unfortunately you can’t hear "!Franchesckaar!" in it’s full glory yet on Charli’s MySpace, but I’ve dug up a little live performance of it on YouTube for you below.  I love this track so much that I want to post it in streaming media format – but I don’t have permission yet…so you’ll just have to take my word for it for now.  It’s that’s good EQs.

To pre-order "!Franchesckarr!" and learn more about Charli XCX – you can also visit her website.