Ok we are always a little hesitant when we happen upon acts on MySpace that describe themselves as ‘Acoustic / Electro / Pop’  because those three genres are very different in our humble opinions, but UK based unsigned duo bim deliver the combination quite elegantly.

With just one listen to ‘The Battle’ you’ll be instantly seduced into a world of beautifully electronic arrangements and soothing vocals delivered magnificently by Rebecca Rosier and Tim Davis.  Tracks ‘Stay In My Memory’ and ‘I Dream This World’ are silky downtempo delights to be savoured as well.  We absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on some of these tracks as they could quite easily could be part of our essential soundtrack to summer.  Geesh – we sounded like one of those complilation cd telly adverts there…

If you are into artists like Sia, Dido, Lamb and Portishead then give bim a whirl.  We’re spinning around in a moody, slightly melancholy musical haze right now as we continue to hit the play button on bim’s Myspace.  Make Tim’s smile go as wide and happy as Rebecca’s and give them some good ol EQ love peeps!