I was about 15 years old when The B-52s unleashed their stomping party anthem, "Love Shack" upon the world.  Still to this day, I go into a cataclysmic scenester head-bopping euphoria whenever that track ignites the airwaves. Those unforgettable lyrics from "Love Shack" and "Roam" from "Cosmic Thing" will always stay ingrained in my brain for an eternity.  Just call me a "Rock Lobster".

What I always loved about The B-52s is their ability to never take themselves too seriously, but somehow seem to create a distinct modern sound that frolics its way with ease around a crowded rock-n-roll playground.  It’s never a question as to who exactly rules the musical sandbox when The B-52s come out to play.  When I heard that The B-52s were releasing new album "Funplex", I knew it was something that was long overdue.  The B-52s are back people and you should know that "Funplex" is really worth a listen if your one of those types that loves a "good time" and let’s face it, who isn’t.  This isn’t Enya for the librarian types folks…this is serious party music.

Listening to "Funplex" is like taking a trip back to your teenage kicks.  Hanging out on the "Hot Corner" for your friends to come pick you up for a bit of retail delight and a spicy bite at the Food Court is exactly what you’ll be doing upon one whirl of the new record.  All the while, being treated to astral electro rock delights in the way of "Juliet Of Spirits" and "Eyes Wide Open".  Your motor keeps on humming with listens to sexual innuendo-y tracks like "Ultraviolet" and "Deviant Ingredient" which goes on about stripped naked delirious daisy chaining and being overtaken by pink helicopters transforming you into a fully eroticized being.  Ooh La La La!

Even when the B-52s are trying to make a statement about fucked up politics in Washington, they are still having fun as proved on "Keep This Party Going".  And with a debut on the US album charts at Number 11, The B-52s are doing it right and by the sounds of it, having a ton of fun along the way.  Join the runaway party train again with the eternally youthful B-52s – you’ll be ever so glad you did.  It’s kinda like waking up the next morning after the best night of your life and realizing that "life is too short for hesitancy or uncertainty".  So party it up people and live a little.