Kylie_ATL_Cover Art

You know, THIS is what Kylie is all about for me.

I've grown up to her music and watched her go through many changes and genre shifts over the years and I have to say that "All The Lovers", is probably my favorite Kylie song she's ever put out.  It's completley magical and mesmerizing and softly seductive for me.  It's like a cushy cloudy pillow that is eagerly waiting to caress your weary head after a long day of stress and heartache.  It's like the rush and warmth of the ocean air on sunkissed skin.  It's like that pair of jeans that just fit perfectly.  It's everything I love about Kylie Minogue in three perfect minutes.  How does she do it? 

And with the songwriter and credits that were put out today – it's looking like "Aphrodite" will be an amazing album with the collaborations involved – Stuart Price, Starsmith, Calvin Harris and Jake Shears to name a few – sigh, it's like audio heaven!