Natascha Bessez 4

We pick up on the bonnie and beautilious Natascha Bessez from our discovery of emerging artist’s series back last year, when the full potential of Natascha Bessez came to our notice via her heartfelt power ballad “Heal”.

The former beauty queen turned recording artiste is proving that she doesn’t just turn heads with her drop dead gorgeousness but has the ability also to win a room around with her commanding vocals, all in a quick minute.

Collaborating with one of New York’s most in demand Progressive House names, DJ Chachi, Natascha Bessez is transformed into a full-grown clubbers diva as the pairing deliver a neon hot rod of a dance floor filler in the epic club cut “My Heart Is A Warrior”.

Natascha triumphs with a resounding emotionally driven performance, hitting the target of the heartstrings and twanging them with a fluttery stroke of determination, fight and spirit as directed by the plucky attitude of the brush yourself down and get back up there lyrics that foretell a tale of a broken love.

An anthem made to take us through the winter months that definitely prompts some empowering foot stomping and air punching action.