Electric Dolls are out of their box and ready to unleash their very own brand of pop bakery goodness to the world at large! Yes, the girls are here with their very British take on electro, rap, and pop infectiousness.

Directed by the fabulous Dan Shipton it’s set in an all girls school in London’s east end – St. Trinians! Yep, there are echoes of that and a handful of Carry On with an unavoidable, healthy heaping of The Spice Girls in “Baps R Bakin”.

When I spoke to Lynsey Doll, the leader of the pack, she said this of the obvious influences in the video…

“I watched it back and even during the filming we felt like we were in a Carry On film set! I mean when Dan said you’ll be running in this scene. I was like, “oh he means stage running”. You know, girlie teeter tottering? But no…he meant full on pelt! We just all fell about laughing every time we had to run in our outfits & heels! Now that takes skill! It was in these moments of madness we felt that we were most paying tribute to British films and obviously, our for-runners, The Spice Girls. You can’t help but draw comparisons. We’re 5 girls doing what we do in a very British way. We’re talking about “Baps” for Christ sake!? It’s all very tongue in cheek and fun.”

I then moved onto to Jenny Doll and asked her to sum up the video in a sentence…

“I think it encapsulates what we’re all about. Being fabulously fun, fresh & more often than not frantic!”

Oooh you see the alliteration there!? Those Electric Dolls are good aren’t they!