One of the German electronic bands that I've most been interested in is definitely Motus.

Quite particularly, their song "Charol Bryon" is a beautiful electronic ballad that pops up every so often on my iPod and every time I hear it, I find myself completely transfixed.  It kinda has that same appeal as Mr. Fogg's "Moving Parts" that just draws me in.

I asked Motus lead singer Arne Tödt what "Charol Bryon" meant to him and this is what he had to say about the track:

"Charol Bryon is one of my most personal songs.  Even though the words might sound somehow trivial, there is a deeper meaning for me in them. I can even hardly say what exactly but they make me sing from the depth of my soul.  My daughter wasn't even born when I wrote the lyrics, but it seems as if I've been singing it all along for her."

To check out the deep and meaningful "Charol Bryon" and some of Motus' other tracks including the brilliant "Only At Night" and the discotastic "Magic Sound" – just visit their MySpace.