NYC emerging pop star Baker has got something quite special and fun with his new video to "Echo".  It's a catchy electro-pop affair and I found myself dancing around in my chair the first time I saw the video.  I caught up with Baker for a brief chat about his debut on the pop scene and to talk about his new video.  Enjoy.

Tell us what "Echo" is all about it…
"Echo" is about that frustrating and amazing feeling you get when you can't stop thinking about someone. You want it so bad and you just can't get enough.

You're video to "Echo" suggests that you might be inspired by the 80s a bit.
I've heard that a lot but actually the videos that I grew up with are from the 90s and naughties so maybe those videos were inspired by the 80s and i'm bringing it back to the source [laughs].

I see you used to live in London…did British pop music have any influence on you when making your music?
Absolutely. I lived in London to study photography and model and while I was there I was out every night and was a total sponge. Some of my favorite artists from the past and today are either British or work with Brits because they're some of the best in the world. In America music is very segregated. There's urban and emo and country and hard rock but I'm happy to see that America seems to be catching on to Britain's pop sensibility and really embrace it. Pop is kinda like soccer for America. We're gettin' there.

Do you feel you're a product of the "The Gaga Effect"?
It's hard to avoid comparisons to other artists. Sometimes my friends rip on me and call me Lord Gaga but I strive to always just do my thing. My music and everything i do would be the same no matter who was at the top of the charts because my goal has always been the same: to be an original.

What sort of sound are you working on with your album?
My album is going to be the catchiest, most danceable pop music you've ever heard.