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I love love love Mini Viva and their new video to "One Touch".  You may remember our chat with Mini Viva awhile ago when "I Wish" came out, but since then, the edgy pop duo have had a lot going on in their quest for pop stardom from perfecting their notable pop sound and heading on out on tour with uber HOT UK street dance crew – Diversity.

I caught up with Mini Viva again for a mini Q&A about "One Touch" and their current happenings and this is what they had to say…

Hey girls – how did you find filming the video – was it fun to be surrounded by all that candy? Did you eat any of the set?
(Laughs) – We couldn't eat it because it was only half real!  The sofa that we used was really cool. It was all grafitied with our names on. It was great being surrounded by all the candy!  It was a really fun shoot and we were so happy with the outcome!

I heard "One Touch" wasn't originally called that name – did the song originally have a different name?
We originally called it "Do You Want A Candy" because that's the first thing that came to our minds whilst writing the song.  Once we finished it we named it "One Touch".  We thought this was a stronger title for the track.

Lots of people are saying "One Touch" is your best single yet – how do you feel about it?
We think it’s definitely a step up.  We think it’s on the same lines as "I Left My Heart In Tokyo".  All of our tracks are different for a reason – you just wait until you hear the album!

How's the tour with Diversity going? How many times have you made excuses to touch Ashley Banjo? (winks)
(Laughs) – We haven't touched Ashley but we've bumped into him a few times outside the dressing room. He's really nice guy. All of the Diversity boys are great.  The tour is amazing. We don't want it to end!

What's the message behind "One Touch" all about – in your own words?
You want this guy to like you but you’re making him aware that you’re a bit of a Feisty one!  You want him to chase on after you – In other words the Viva girls are in control!

Mini Viva’s new single "One Touch" is out on 10 May.  Check out Mini Viva’s online show live every Friday at 4.30pm – 5pm UK time on