I am absolutley loving this new single from Dutch band Never Mind The Stars called "Holiday".  Despite their rock n roll image on MySpace, the band have got quite an infectious little electro-pop tune on their hands.  The BBC even agree, calling it "catchy as hell".  Shoot – it almost sounds like a Calvin Harris tune.

I caught up with band leader Simon Little to discuss his debut single and this is what he had to say;

"We're really happy with the single…from all the tracks on our upcoming album it was the hardest to mix! I must have made over 15 versions of the song!  Thank goodness reactions are real positive. There was no real musical inspiration, it just happened, and I've always wanted to write a simple song about a break-up, where the guy doesn't seem to get that it's over, even after she says she's basically going away.  I wanted to have fun with that theme.  And this is it. It's not too complicated, really"

Let's take a listen shall we?

More Never Mind The Stars on MySpace.