Hot off the heels of her new video for "Emergency" which we exclusively brought you last week, Dutch dance sensation, Kim Leoni has offered up a new track for EQ readers to listen to called "Go" which is probably my favourite tune from the rising dance startlet. 

I asked Kim what "Go" was all about and this is what she had to say…

"Go" is one of my favourites, if not the favourite song of mine. We wrote it over two years ago, and when the first demo was finished, it sounded so dark that we wondered if I should perform it on stage at all. I first performed it at a gig in Ireland and the crowd loved it, which was a relief!

It's a very personal song and emotionally maybe too revealing. It's about a destructive relationship, when you're suddenly not really sure if the person you fell in love with is really the person you think they are. We all change, and sometimes not for the better. It's about the "it's over" part of a relationship when there is the question whether to go down with the sinking ship to prove your love or to abandon it and save yourself. I know people who decided to stay aboard and ended up in trouble. So, maybe it's better to simply say "Go" and move on.

The song has had a strange life – my record company never considered it to be a potential single, even though it became a firm live favourite and was even No.1 on the playlist of a Russian radio station.  I don't quite know what happened, but suddenly, after hearing a string of new remixes and the reactions of my fans, the record company started thinking about making it a single!  The way things are looking right now – it will probably be a follow-up to my current release, "Emergency", and will have a big remix package to go with it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for it to happen and can't wait for you to hear it at EQ!"

Well then, let's take a listen to this stomper shall we…