Feldberg cover COD015_Crop

Icelandic band Feldberg have emerged with a great new sparkly-pop single called "Don't Be A Stranger" that I quite like. I love the almost Dragonette-like-feel to this track. The singer's voice on the track is so distinctive that I had to do some detective work to get to the bottom of it – turns out it's the same lead singer of the band Sometime that I absolutely love – go figure.  I hear Iceland is a small place, so I guess that makes sense.

I was curious about the meaning of the song so I asked Feldberg to tell me a little bit more about it and this is what they had to say about "Don't Be A Stranger"

"The track is as at the title suggests – about communication or more importantly lack of communication. About how pride and fear of decision making can leave you more lonely then needed. Something a little bit of carelessness can fix… Maybe few strong ones or what ever your fix is. The track got picked up by a Nova telecom company for their advertising campaign and became a big radio hit in Iceland."

Well there you go – so this is what the Icelandic folk are listening to.  Let's take a listen shall we…

You can get more acquainted with Feldberg over on their MySpace page.