Up-and-coming NYC pop artist Javi has been making some waves lately – he recently just had his first sold out show and to celebrate, he wanted to share his new single “Situation” with all you beautiful readers of EQ. 

EQ introduced you to Javi back in February of 2009 and I’ve been keeping a close eye on how is music is developing – and so far, I love what I hear!  His new single “Situation” is no different – absolutely brilliant, danceable and it brings some serious R&B flavor to it’s pop backbeat – it’s a pop jam with some serious soul. 

I caught up with Javi and asked him to tell us what “Situation” is all about and this is what he had to say…

“It’s about casual sex and approaching relationships with a sense of emotional detachment. I suppose it’s just something you can’t help but encounter when you’re young, social, and in an urban environment. You’re always meeting someone new, ties are tenuous. Everything’s just fast paced, ephemeral, cursory and like the lyrics in the chorus, it’s more about feeling superficial “sensations” than actual emotions.
So I wrote this from the perspective of someone who puts on the facade of a lothario to mask a deeper insecurity. In the song, I’m a smooth talker. I wanted it to have a bit of an attitude in the verse. I’m telling you all the things I want to do to you, but the dreamy nature of the chorus belies an unexpected vulnerability. I wanted to evoke a feeling of yearning. I truly want what I say I don’t want.
In the outro of the track, I sing “I don’t wanna fall” over and over again. It’s not because I don’t desire love, it’s because I can’t stand the thought of pain of potential failure.”

Let’s take a listen shall we?

Javi on MySpace