Johnny billy idol

Watch out – Johnny Lazer has his target locked on you.  And he’s going in for the kill.

A new obsession?  Johnny Lazer has just finished up some club dates in London and has been rocking audiences with his shock blond mohican and superbly catchy and edgy electro-pop.  I have become quite enamored with Johnny Lazer’s music as of late – as his tracks “Bad Boyfriend” and “New High” are essential daily listens for me.  I am gonna firmly going to shove you in the direction of his MySpace as you’re gonna to be immediately hooked on his insane pop music, not to mention his bad boy good-looks.  A lot of new male wanna-be popstars pitch themselves to me as being “the male Lady Gaga but in my opinion, Johnny Lazer is as close as they come to that accolade.

I recently caught up with Johnny Lazer to talk about his new track “Take My Picture” and this what he had to say…

6a00d8345206e269e20120a8303226970b-800wi “The writing behind “Take My Picture” was to just escape the world for three minutes.  I feel Japan is as far away as I could get from London and all the rain.  I love London so much but sometimes its too cold!  Japanese culture inspires me as they think out-of-the-box and push things visually like manga anime, cosplay and computer games like Super Mario Brothers.  I wanted to shove all my western cultural theories through the filter of Japanese society as it gets a bit twisted and warped and helps me look at myself in a different light!  Japan is constantly building itself up like lego and from my outside view seems to know no bounds – it’s somewhere I really want to crack and spend all my money!  I just wanted to write a song that tips its hat to the Japanese public and could also explain how my personality works to people that don’t know me like an audio CV.  I really hope it makes people want to go wild or at the very least inspire the Japanese punk in them!”

Listen to “Take My Picture” below and look out for more Johnny Lazer on EQ.

Johnny Lazer on MySpace.