Alphabeat front woman Stine Bramsen quite thrilled us at the beginning of the year, when she leapt aside from her Danish pop band setting with Alphabeat to tread new waters with solo single “Prototypical”.

A whole new side to Stine shone out through that initial release, and it kind of shifted the lovely from the dizzying pop roots that we so readily know and love a little, to enter upon the realms of full-blown pop diva presence.

Prototypical’s” well received reaction has seen the track yield a massive response from her native Denmark and beyond but now as we move into the summer months it seems only perfectly suited that we get to hear a hot pop shot more from Stine, which just happens to roll forward as the sophomore single “Move Forward” which is released today.

What comes to light is that Stine wasn’t playing with us on “Prototypical”, she’s commanding this solo stretch with towering vocals soaring towards the mirrorball of dance pop ascension.

Move Forward” which is flanked with a touch of gospel intervention, throws back upon a late 90’s dance hook fuelled of funkiness and jogs along with a flash reminder coming in the overall riff formula that channels in the recognizable strains of chord structure that go to make up Stardust’s 90’s epic dance classic, “Music Sounds Better With You”.

Sounds like a recipe for a completely compelling follow-up release doesn’t it? …… that’s because it is.

Bold, beautiful and brilliant. Stine is out for the win and moreover achieves, by adding another superbly stellar track to her winning streak.