Happy Tuesday EQs – Here's whats brewing in our magic kindom at this moment.

Coming tomorrow – we'll be premiering the new video by The Electric Dolls for "Baps R Bakin".  I've seen the video and it's really cute just like Lynsey and her band of dolly mixtures.  You'll love it I promise.

The Good Natured has just released a new song on her MySpace called "Curious Eyes" that you should check out right now.  It's lovely seein Sarah grow musically – she's really a talent to watch out for!  Make sure you check her out live if you ever get the chance.


Have you ever seen anyone more beautiful than Thea (pictured above)?  I had the chance to see her perform at the last Popshow and she was brilliant – she had a table of four homosexuals all wanting more – it was a sight.  Check her out on Myspace and particuarly her new track "Musiclicious".

So is Natalia Cappuccini really Nadia Oh in disguise?  Enquiring minds want to know.  Scooby snacks to whomever can solve this mystery, but in the meantime take a look at this video for "Real Woman" and decide for yourself.  The similarities are uncanny.

Cassette Electrik are opening up for Client on Sunday.  Make sure you get on down to Underworld in Camden to catch their show.  For cheap guestlist of £6, email your names to [email protected] and tell them EQ sent you!

Fans of Kraftwerk may fall absolutley in love with new band Electrotherapies.  Hailing from France, the project really might as well be Kraftwerk re-incarnated – they are pretty good.  Thanks to EQ reader Ema for the heads up.  I quite like "Alpha Omega".

And finally I leave you with this wittle clip I found of Juvelen performing "They Don't Love You" live.  I just really like his hair in this video.  He looks like he's having a great time performing to the intimate crowd in this clip as he's all smiles.