Hello EQs – Here’s the latest batch of piping hot random rants for all our lovelies out there in cyberspace!


After a great re-launch at Underbelly last Friday, DJ Adamix and myself are chuffed to announce that we’ve been asked to go monthly at Underbelly starting in May!  Yes, the Electroqueer @ Underbelly showcase and club night will open it’s doors again on Friday, May 29th and then go monthly in June.  It’s still going to be free entry on the last Friday of each month as well.  Now that’s credit crunch busting if you ask me!  Already confirmed on the line-up for May 29th is Gia Mellish and Discotheque!  We’re working on some special surprises for you as well!

OMFG.  I just listened to Patrick Wolf’s new album “The Bachelor” this morning and it’s mega cool.  This isn’t an official review at all, but there is a song on there called “Who Will?” which is just gorgeous.  All you electro-heads will love the new single “Vulture” as well…

I got so excited about the Patrick Wolf album that I forgot to listen to the new leaked tracks from Pet Shop Boys!  I dunno though, maybe I’ll just wait until the album comes out so I have that element of surprise!  Nah, I’m sure I’ll cave in and listen to them tonite…


Rising superstar DJ Rudenko has a new mix CD coming out on March 23rd called “Data Mix 1”which is on the hot tip if you like your mix CDs.  I’ve been listening to it non-stop for about a week now and am totally diggin it.  It contains a rather cool mix of the so hot nu-retro stomper “Show Me Love” by Steve Angello & Laidback Luke that I can’t get enough of as well as anthems by Kid Cudi, Ida Corr, Eric Prydz and the club mix of “Everybody” by Rudenko himself.  I highly recommend it for you dance music freaks out there.

Speaking of nu-retro…DJ Adamix and myself had a debate about “what is considered nu-retro” and Adamix won the debate.  So here it is – the definition of nu-retro, someone Wikipedia it now.
“Nu Retro: Songs that make you feel like you’re back in high-school, except it’s in the future”.  I love it. 

What are your thoughts on this new electro artist who calls himself Cheeks?  He’s got a couple good tracks on his MySpace player like “Take It In” and “Sweet Spot”.

And please, somebody…anybody please explain to me what Sergey Lazarev is doing in this photo?  I have to know…certainly – I’m not complaining…