Patrick Wolf has decided to release "Hard Times" as the second single from "The Bachelor" on June 15th.  You can download the James Yuill Remix of it right here, right now.

Congratulations to A Crowd Electric who got their remix to "Circus" featured on Britney Spears official website!  Don't forget that A Crowd Electric are doing a special DJ mix for the next EQ @ Underbelly night on May 29th in London.  Are you going?  Make sure you RSVP.

Speaking of EQ @ Underbelly, I am pleased to announce that The Dolly Rockers will be playing at our June 26th show in London!  I am officially in love with them now.  I have been listening to the sampler that EMI sent out last week and it's beyond amazing and quintessentially british pop which I love even more.  More on Dolly Rockers later, but just wanted to let you know that what I have heard thus far, is brilliant.

Dangerous Muse sent out a teaser video to fans to a new track "More Than You Know" which is supposed to drop this summer.  I saw the teaser video and it looks way hot and sexy – as you would expect from DM.  I seriously can't wait to see the whole video to it…gagging for it.

For fans of Jeffree Star, you'll be pleased to know that he is releasing his first full length album called "Beauty Killer" which will feature with the first new single called "Prisoner". 

SunnySide_hi2 And finally, Paolo Nutini has released his cover art for "Sunny Side Up".  It's cute to say the least.  If I don't get to see him on tour this go-round, I might just die.

Ta for now!