Imogen Heap world premiered a new song off her new album at Pop Tech recently called “Wait It Out”.  It’s gorgeousness shines through in the simple piano performance.  I can’t wait to hear the final album version, it’s classic Immi.  Watch below.  Are you excited yet?  I’m bursting with fruit flavour to hear the new album!

Darren Hayes has been getting a little perturbed about California’s controversial decision on Prop 8.  In a recent blog post, Darren posted a lovely picture of himself and partner Richard in Paris and commented on the picture saying, “It’s us, tearing down the fabric of good society and the sanctity of marriage in Paris.  Lock up your children!”.  I couldn’t agree with Darren’s thoughts on Prop 8 more.  I am also happy to live in the UK where gay partnerships are at least recognized and celebrated.  I’m hoping President Elect Obama will do something about it for my fellow American friends and family. 

Christina Aguilera also spoke out against Prop 8 recently which was really nice to hear.  You can hear her views on it as well below.  I’d love to see the current “superbitch” holding up a rally sign against Prop 8.  Somehow I think she could get people to listen!  I’ve also been loving the electronic re-workings Christina has given us recently in the way “Genie 2.0” and “You Are What You Are (Beautiful)” as well as the poptastic “Dynamite”.  Have you heard them yet?  Very good indeed.  Work the nu-retro Christina! 

Craig David’s new song and video to “Insomnia” doesn’t actaully bother me either.  Shockgasp!  Thank the stars though, because his last two songs were rather, well, not very good in my opinion and I thought it was all going downhill for Craig.  Although the electro-pop seems a bit forced with Craig David on this tune – he actually pulls it off and well.  What do you think?