Good Hump Day EQs.  Lots of little buzzy bits going on in our musical repertoire lately, so here are this weeks More HOT Than Hot bits for you…

Patrick Wolf is back in the studio everyone and we are all very excited about that.  If you haven’t visited his MySpace page lately, make sure you do and start stalking him.  I’m loving the new tracks “Careless Talk” and “Gypsy King” that are up there – just make sure to switch off the hip-hop thats annoyingly in the comments section.  He’s got a lovely picture of a dead bird there too – how poetic.


Glamtastic Boogaloo Stu will release his new single “Hammer To Fall” in early January and you can listen to it now on his Facebook page!  You can buy this track now on iTunes too so whatcha waiting for?  And just for fun, here’s a little piccy of Stu and Antigone dueting together at the last EQ night! 

Sergey vs Erasure?  Yes it’s true – Sergey recently did a stomping live cover of the Erasure classic “Love To Hate You” and it’s absolutely out-of-this-world!  Don’t believe me?  Watch it now!  Just wow!  If you didn’t catch the premiere of “Lazerboy” last week too on EQ, you need to check it out pronto!

Sergey Lazarev Covers “Love To Hate You” by Erasure from EQ Video on Vimeo.

I’ve been recently falling in musical love with some acoustic acts lately which I know, is totally out of my genre, but I don’t care – they are very good indeed – so sayeth EQ.  First off Gavin Bellour.  I met this American singer/songwriter/model crooner last night in Earl’s Court and he’s just lovely.  I recommend that you check him out – he’s to die for and quite ironically is the “most used face on TV ads in the US”.  Oddly enough, after Gavin’s show last night in Earls Court, I found myself on a Blackberry talking to Blake Lewis about his new songs with Darude – seriously, not joking!  More on that later!

You should also check out Jack Savoretti.  I got to see him perform to a packed out Astoria on Monday night and he’s got some great acoustic tunes that will please the inner romantic in all of you.  OK – maybe I’ve been spending too much time at Starbucks with all this new found love of new acoustica, but you know what – a good act is a good act and that’s why I’m sharing with you!  Enjoy!

I can’t stop listening to Britney’s “Circus”.  The Lady Gaga penned song “Quicksand” is poptastic.  Everything Lady Gaga touches seems to turn to gold, but ironically this song didn’t make the album cut.  It would have fit better on the album maybe instead of “Mmm Papi” or “Mannequin” if you ask me.  Go and try to find the track if you haven’t already.

And finally I leave you with THE most totally gratuitous T&A video I’ve seen so far this year. It’s Geo Da Silva’s “Do It Like A Truck”. If you’ve been to Ibiza at all this year, you probably have heard this on the thumpa thumpa being out and about. I actually love this song – even if the video is a bit ridiculous – in that fun sort of way.

Coming up tomorrow we have a great new MySpace discovery for you and we’ve got a few fun filled new interviews coming your way too…so stay tuned!