Here’s the weekly round-up of all things new and exciting – it’s "Inbox Ignition".

I’ve been digging a few tunes by this new band called The Mystic Underground lately.  Make sure you check them out on their MySpace.  "Bedford Galleries" and "Where Have All The Club Kids Gone" are quite punchy.  If you like what you hear, they make sure you pick up a copy of their album "It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard" due out later this month.


I got an email a few days ago with the subject "The best thing you’ll hear today!!!"  Well being enticing as that is, I opened it to discover Sony BMG’s latest wonder boy – Sean Mac.  He has a new single called "4 Leaf Clover" and his album "20 Light Years" will be released in November.  He’s a little wet for my personal tastes, but he does show some promise.  Think of a young Mika mixed in with the Jonas Brothers if you will.  Anyways, you know you are big when the record label won’t let us bloggers embed the video, so if you want to check out Sean Mac’s latest YouTubage – click here.

Proof positive again that 90’s dance music is making a comeback, The legendary Armand Van Helden has two new videos out called "Ski Hard" and "Shake That Ass" which are worth checking out.  Mr Van Helden (gosh that sounds so like Van Helsing) has a new album out on October 13th called "New York: a Mix Odyssey 2" which I’ve heard and it’s kinda fun!


You know – nothing says "take a look" at my music video better than a racy semi-naked photo of yourself included in a press release…just ask Billiam.  But I caved and watched the music video to KJ’s new track "Shakin That" and I have to say, it’s quite good.  I remember reading about KJ somewhere else eons ago, but it seems since then he’s polished his act and vocals a bit and I’m somewhat more interested in him now.  What do you think?  Watch the video in HQ YouTube here and for more info visit his MySpace.

Charli XCX follows up her awesome debut single "!Francheskaar!" with her new double single "Emelline" / "Art Bitch".  I had a listen last night and they are both amazing!  She is so now.  A little grimey, a lot electro and very relevant to today’s current music scene.  I just love her.  Both songs are just so freaking cool.  "Emelline" is kinda a modern day valentine song while "Art Bitch" sees our young Charli XCX waxing poetic about how talented and beautiful her artistic friend really is.  The Papa Vito remix of "Emelline" is really hot too – it will definitely get a spin at Electroqueer@Barcode.  And speaking of, let’s take a looksy at this little video of Charli XCX doing her thang and performing "!Francheskaar!" at the last show…

Immicancerrun_4And finally Imogen Heap is giving back to cancer awareness and needs your help.  She is doing a 10K run for Cancer Research UK and has setup a donations page.  Please support her in her reach of getting donations up to 1000 pounds for this worthy cause.

Coming tomorrow – a good-looking chap that just might have made a cool song that samples 80’s classic "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew…remember them?