Hello EQs! In the lead up to Electroqueer@Barcode on Thursday, my inbox started to get a little neglected so I’m taking this sunny Saturday morning to get caught up on some brill electro and pop that’s been percolating. I’ll also rant about how excited I was to get the new iPhone 3G only to find out that it’s not that much faster than the first generation…totally overhyped. I’ll also put my two cents in on the UK Big Brother final last night. I’m glad Rachel won. Proof positive that nice guys and gals do come in first sometimes – and can win 100 grand in the process. Just because you’re a loudmouth passive aggressive personality doesn’t entitle you to always win. OK, enough on that – on with the muzak!


I was sent a promo CD called “It’s About Time” by Dallas band The Shock Of Pleasure quite awhile ago, but I never really got into it. Maybe because I didn’t know where to start. But, I’m told the first single from the album is called “Spooky” and well, upon checking it out – it’s rather cool, and yes, a little spooky indeed. The opening chords of the song sound like they are lifted from a horror movie which is quite eerie. It’s on iTunes, so check it out. You might also like their cover of Carpenter’s classic “Superstar” as well – I’m loving it. The whole CD has got this electro-loungy thing going on which is cool. Check out the DJ Merritt Remix to “This Is A Test” too. Loving it.

New Kids On The Block release their surprisingly very good new album “The Block” on Monday in the UK. I can’t stress to you how great I think this album is. I pretty much like every track on it with the exception of “Grown Man” which features The Pussycat Dolls. First single “Summertime” is a little weak but if you pre-order the album on iTunes, you’ll get an exclusive Red One remix of the song. I haven’t heard it yet. With the pre-order too, you’ll be registered for early ticket purchasing power for their UK tour in January 2009. I missed Take That and Boyzone on their reunion tours, but NKOTB is a show that I cannot miss as I strive to relive a bit of nostalgia. Did you see Ugly Betty last night too? I loved it when she was explaining to her boss how she used to be a chunky girl who wore an oversized NKOTB tee-shirt to pool parties when she was a kid. Awww bless.

I’m listening to the new Luigi Masi remix package now for “Strobelight”. Fucking out of this world. I quite like the Wideboys remix. Myself and DJ Adamix (note the name adjustment peeps) think he’s the next big thing in pop and by the sound of his sound, we think you’ll agree with us. Luigi’s album is definitely on the hot-tip and I can’t quite wait for it to drop…


Electrovamp slipped me an advanced copy of their new single “Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free” and I have to say I’m totally gaga over the Bimbo Jones Remix of the song. It’s fucking stomptastic. Cedric Gervaise also does a respectable remix of the track as well!

New girl duo The Vistoso Bosses have some free downloads on their MySpace page that they want you to sample. I quite like pop diddy “Delirious” which reminds me of pre-line up change Sugababes. Signed to Interscope records, the girls are hoping to make a big splash in pop. I love the fact they are a little unpolished and raw. The girls got talent though so watch it.


HOT ELECTRONICA ALERT: Icelandic group Sometime are the next big thing as well. I’m consistently impressed with the music that this country is churning out. Remember Disa? She’s still on my radar. But Sometime are just ORBITAL. Take a listen to “Optimal Ending” and “Catch Me If You Can” to get a feel for what I’m talking about. I expect them to get the same attention that Cut Copy and Neon Neon are getting. Someone please (hint hint) send me a full length album to drool over, now! Sometime are like a Pet Shop Boys / Bjork concoction should they ever get together to cook up some “special brownies”.

Neverlandgirl_2I randomly ran into Darren Hayes a few days ago on Tottenham Court Road as he was buying props for his new video to “Neverland” that will be included on his new DVD “This Delicate Film We’ve Made” which drops in December. He recently blogged about the experience and provided us a sneak peek of one of the actors in the video…for a minute there, I thought it was actually Roisin Murphy!