TEMPOSHARK BLOGS: Temposhark are doing an “Imogen Heap” and documenting the birth process of their second album via their new blog at this address. I think this is a very good idea as it gives fans an inside look at what really goes on when creating music – it’s not as easy and glamourous as it looks! Rob’s commentary and wit are quite entertaining to read and watch and I’m really looking forward to the sneak peaks and audio tidbits that the blog will offer up in the months to come.


BACKSTAGE WITH ANTIGONE: What’s This? Well it’s Antigone backstage in her dressing room at super-club OMO Generations last night. Miz Tigs made an appearance there to spread her disco drama and harijuku school girl style to the masses on Tottenham Court Road. Tiggy performed three tracks for the gay club night including Etherfox hit “Something Different To Say”, “More Man Than Man” and a fucking hot electrified performance of The Eurythmics classic “Missionary Man”. Yes – I’m not joking. Apparently it’s a relic left over from her Etherfox days too – an oldie but a goodie. Antigone should really work that track as much as possible, would make a great b-side to her “promiscious” upcoming single…just a thought. Oh and Antigone will also be performing at the next Electroqueer@Barcode club night on October 30th – I’m sorting out her artist rider as we speak!


And what’s this? Geri and I weren’t quite sure which dressing room Antigone was in, but the panties on the door sorta cleared that up last night…

FREE MOMU DOWNLOAD: Check out this track by Momu called “Window”. It’s quite good and synthy. Download it here. I’m totally enjoying it. If you fancy learning more about Momu, make sure to visit their MySpace here.

JENNIFER HUDSON ALBUM THOUGHTS: I am totally not feeling the new Jennifer Hudson album. And that really hurts because I was seriously looking forward to it. My main problem is that the whole album doesn’t really leave it’s tempo range. It just chugs along too slowly for me. Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer’s vocals are amazing as you would expect, but there isn’t another standout single on the album in my eyes. If “If This Isn’t Love” gets re-worked, that might suit well for another single. The duet with Fantasia “I’m His Only Woman” is quite humourous though. I might enjoy this album more after it sets in over time. I’m sure JHud will do quite well with this album though regardless. It’s just not my cup of tea but the masses will go crazy for it. I still love JHud though and if she got a little more discofied and dancefloor diva in the future, I would be a very happy EQ. Bring on the remixes.


ON THE HOT TIP – DOMINIQUE WOOLF: And who do we have here? Her name is Dominique Woolf and she’s got some great quirky electropop songs that I’ve been doing gaga over lately. Think Shania Twain on electro (more tasteful than it sounds). She’s been working with Shave too which obviously perks up me little ears too – more on Dominique Woolf later…but check out her MySpace and her key tracks “Slow Down” and “Pinch Of Salt”.