You may have noticed that the number one song on EQ this week is "Predator" by Petros.  The young pop crooner has released some artwork for the single and I’m just loving it.  Tre cool.  Stay tuned for the video as well – I have an inkling it’s gonna be steamy.


Perhaps my favourite indie pop/rock band at the moment is The Gadsdens.  They have also released this little bit of artwork which is tre cool as well.  Album cover perhaps?  Maybe, maybe not?  But I’ll take any reason to write about the boys from The Gadsdens – I’m really looking forward to their album in 2009 as well.

I’ve been getting quite a few emails about the release date of Anjela’s hot album "The Tasting Menu" and she has told me that it will be available within 10 days on the usual fine list of digital download stores.  So hang tough EQs – you’ll get to taste Anjela’s musical menu very soon!  It’s worth the wait.


Over the weekend I fell in love with an LA band called The Love Grenades.  Check them out on MySpace they are rather cool.  Think Blondie meets CSS.  My fave songs on their MySpace are "Tigers In The Fire", "Off To Sea" and "Young Lovers" – it’s very good stuff.  I plan to spend some more time getting to know them better.

So it’s official – "Dream On" by Christian Falk featuring Robyn is getting a UK release on 17th November – having listened to the remix package this weekend, I must say they are fantastic and a strong single offering.  All this controversy too about Madonna versus Robyn sounds all a bit silly to me – I must say.  Probably one thing got said and it totally blew out of proportion.  But as they say, any press is good press right? 

Ok EQs – I’m off to see Antigone, Red Blooded Women, Charli XCX and to see what all the fuss is about this Isabel Guzman chick tonight at the Popjustice show at Old Blue Last.

Ciao for now.