Madonna2_2I’m off to see Madonna at Wembley on September 11th.  I usually see Madonna at least twice every tour, but alas, the queen decided to play the much bigger Wembley Stadium this time rather than the smaller (but rather large) arenas for this tour.  It’s hard not to get all involved in the massive amount of spoilers on the net, but it sounds like the Cardiff show was just amazing.  I think she is looking more amazing than ever at 50.  I have never wanted to wear a dress in my whole gay life, but that little black dress she’s working here, makes me salivate.

LuigiI’ve also had a sneaky peaky of a Luigi Masi track from his forthcoming 2009 album and it only confirms my belief that he is the next big thing in electropop.  I am eagerly awaiting his remixes for debut single "Strobelight" to ignite next month. 

Have you bought Red Blooded Women’s EP for "You Made Your Bed" yet?  It’s worth it just for the tune "4 2Nite" in of itself.  Although the Rochelle remix to the single is rather brilliant if I must have my two cents worth.  I got a sneaky peaky of the rest of the tracks in HQ glory and I’m a bigger fan than before – they really are onto something.

I’m not feeling the new Sugababes single so much.  You’ve heard it, it’s called "Girls".  But thank "funking" god there are some good remixes starting to surface.  The Dennis Christopher Club mix and Funkerman remix makes me not want to give up on the Suga altogether.


I’ve been going cuh-razy over the two disc special edition of Thompson Twins’ re-issue "Here’s To Future Days" recently.  That was one of the first pieces of music I ever bought on cassette tape – which I still have.  But listening to it in it’s remastered glory with all the remixes and extras is just electronic heaven to me.  I know they said it’s not going to happen, but the Thompson Twins should get back together…

Yours truly was recently interviewed by about the blog and the Electroqueer@Barcode club night – read it here.  It was very interesting to be on the other side of the interview this time – even if I did waffle on a bit…

And finally I leave you with a little vid-e-o by an electropop band called Phenol.  They say "fuck rock, here’s some pop" in the way of their tongue-in-cheek video to "Pop Music".  The track is totally bonkers in that mesmerizing sort of way.  Popjustice even thinks they are "totally amazing".  Big surprise there.  Phenol would also like you to know that their name is derived from the carcinogenic hydrocarbon, not the vegetable.  A-ha!  Enjoy.