Uh huh. The word of the day is boobs EQs.  Except this time they come in the form of giant ones via Amanda Lepore and her new electro-retro single “Cotton Candy” which is released this spring.

What’s got Amanda all “I want to sing about love and compare it to sugar fluff” today?  Well apparently, Cazwell dragged himself outta Burger King / Beyonce spotting long enough to call Miss Amanda back and it seems the two are in unrequited nerd/tranny love.

Cazwell scrubs up quite well doesn’t he?  I like the whole geek chic he’s got going on.

The single.  It’s cute and a little silly to say the least, but still cute.  I hardly think it’s going to knock anyone off the top of the charts anytime soon, but in the same token, I applaud Amanda Lepore for keeping it glam.  Shit, someone needs to keep those botox hounds in business.