Oh wow!  I wasn't expecting this at all today, but hotly tipped new pop artist Monti Montanez just unveiled a new track which I haven't heard before called "Move To My Touch".  And to my surprise, it's pretty saucy, like as in Enrique Iglesias saucy…

Exhibit A:  "Pardon my french but I know you wanna fuck, but keep your eyes closed and move to my touch…"  Uh WOW. 

"Move To My Touch" really doesn't touch on how extremely amazing I really think Monti Montanez is as an artist though.  As he is slowly unveiling little bits of new tracks here and there, the demo album I have heard of his is out-of-this-world.  Pop fans will die and if the Monti Montanez album does actually see an 2011 release (it's being considered by a few of the big majors right now), it will probably top my end-of-year album chart.  Just saying. 

If you like Monti's "Move To My Touch", make sure you check out his teaser video too which was released awhile ago which contains an instrumental so fiece, even J-Lo would be jealous.