Rising star and hotly tipped Latin Pop Sensation Monti Montanez recently went into the studio to record his new track "Cast Away" and whilst doing so, made this little behind the scenes vid for everyone to watch.

Monti Montanez firmly sits near the top of my tip sheet as one to watch out for.  Whilst out in LA recently, it was duly noted the amount of fan fare this young man drums up just by going out for a day at the local shopping center.  You couldn't go anywhere without someone asking for his autograph!  Craziness – and he's not even signed yet as a solo artist (that I know of).

Anyways, it's still early days for Monti, but keep an eye on this one EQs.  You've been told.

Monti Montanez on MySpace

EQ Interview with Monti Montanez