Latin pop's newest heart-throb Monti Montanez has released his second EP "Cuando Ti Vi" on iTunes and it's a two song fiesta that I've been giving mucho love to lately on my iPod.  "Cuando Ti Vi" has a great 90's pop flavour beat set against some rather passionate spanish lyrics which are seamlessly executed by this hot newcomer.  The EP also contains "Perder Control" which I LOVE.  Both songs have been getting massive Spanish radio airplay and the heat is most certainly building up now for Monti.  

From what I've heard, the Latin community has been looking for a new Ricky and Enrique for quite some time now and it seems they may have just hit the jackpot with Monti Montanez.

Download "Cuando Ti Vi" and "Perder Control" right now on Monti Montanez - Cuando Te Vi - Single