Powers 1

There’s a glut of new upcoming acts, which are breaking through amongst a glaze of urban futuristic soundwaves, in unveiling their new track “Money” the LA / New York forward thing pop duo of POWERS can absolutely count themselves as one of the new and noteworthy.

When revealing that the faces of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru that make up POWERS have already each individually worked with some of pop’s biggest names, Mike most recently penning and producing Kylie’s new single “Into The Blue” and Crista as writer of the Selena Gomez track “Birthday”, and who’s also latterly been working with Icona Pop, then the calibre of this pop duo kinda speaks for itself!

The duo’s stonking debut of “Gimme Some”, displayed a playful soul-funk dance vibe that hints a tinge towards an early Scissor Sisters comparison.

In taking their electronic experimentation a step further on “Money”, POWERS have designed a woozy sonic urban platter of sumptuously plunging deep bass beats acting as support to the seductive vocal gleaming imprint that sweeps into the intoxicating symphonic synth blending brew like a big frothy mug of hot chocolate crowned with an indulgent cloud of creamy and marshmallowy jewelled toppings.

Overall in the similar vein that we’ve witnessed being created on the current SOHN productions, POWERSMoney” comes into play as one of the richest and creatively exciting new pickings.