The first VHS videotape I ever bought was "Madonna – The Virgin Tour" in which I wore out more-than-throughly.  This performance of "Into The Groove" was so inspirational to me as a wee lad.  It made me want to be a dancer for Madonna and quite rightly so I bought my first pair of parachute pants, black jumper with white sleeves and matching black o-rings (remember those?) shortly after.  My mother almost died when I started wearing crucifixes and spiking my hair as well and I’m sure she kept a watchful eye on me while I went through that phase!  Just look at her – she was amazing in the 80’s!  So provocative!  So entertaining!  So the perfect role model for a young EQ in the making. 

However it wasn’t until 1987 that I got to see Madonna live "for the very first time" in 1987 doing "Into The Groove" this way in her Marilyn Monroe-esqe era.  My father never knew me very well, but when he handed me a pair of Madonna concert tickets as a present – he was the best father in the world for that month leading up to the show! 

To this day – "Into The Groove" solidly remains my favourite Madonna song of all time.