Take a heaping scoop of Diana Ross and a generous pinch of Lady Gaga and what do you get…you get Miss Lynsey.

You may remember Miss Lynsey as the sassy front woman of Electric Dolls – well, she has been going through a minor process of re-invention as of late and the results are rather electrfying if you haven't already gathered.  Having been wowing the sun babies this year in Ibiza with her summer stomper "Ready For More", Miss Lynsey has been very busy uploading new tracks to her MySpace like the spicy new dance number "Take My Love" and the computer romance spectacular that is "Modern Love".  Her track "Mistress" is already lighting up the London gay scene with people asking "who is this diva?"  I almost spilled my gin & tonic when I heard the track being spun at The Village not too long ago.

Below is new fembot video footage from her electro-pop track "Wired" which she also performed alongside too interactively at the EQ club night a few months ago.  Make sure to check it out and add Miss Lynsey to your radar – I'm a huge fan already.

One funny thing you should know about Miss Lynsey and I'm sure she'll punch me in the arm if I tell you this, but she's has a massive crush on Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB.  What can we do EQs to get a meet and greet organized for these two?