Mirror Talk 1
It’s taken a couple of kick-starts for the band we see before us today as emerging artists L.A.’s Mirror Talk to fix a foot-hold into the business.

Brandishing an eloquently insightful biography indicating that past golden handshake music deals came with imposed creative restrictions of their artistic visions, and consequently the music project lay in suspended dormancy until the time and conditions have become right to instigate a re-birth, beginning afresh as of now.

The quartet of Mirror Talk who are now secured with the wealth of production from Goldfrapp, M83 and Ladyhawke producer Tony Hoffer are ready to unleash their interpretative spin on New Wave 21st century style.

As the imminent full release of an EP is about to happen, I feel we should get a head start in embracing the full pumping electro vibes of teaser track “Don’t”.

Rising like a phoenix from ambient beginnings and under the vocal command of Mirror Talk front man Court Alexander, “Don’t” purrs into life with an air of indie pop conviction before erupting into a full-on dance heavy, sprawling New Wave anthem, loaded with expansively instant melody hooks that are set to instigate the listening ears and beyond with a resultant rush of euphorically frothy brain buzz.

From this first glimpse, all bodes well for Mirror Talk, as they uphold the myth that Monarchy and similarly most other masked music acts, have the acumen from behind the masks to throw out fabulous tunes.