Mika's single cover for "We Are Golden"

You know, I could use some new Mika right about now!  And from the sounds of it, I think Mika's new album will add a something a little special to the amazing amount of music that is being released this year.

Mika blogged about the album on MySpace today saying that;

 "[The album] was recorded between London and Los Angeles over the last two years, and featuring stellar guest appearances by the likes of The Seawind Horns (Thriller, Off The Wall), Imogen Heap, Owen Pallet from Arcade Fire and Stuart Price, 'We Are Golden' is an album bristling with energy and ideas. So expect POP, expect fun; expect the kind of melodies that turn on lights in your head that will never go out."

Did I read that correctly?  Imogen Heap?  Stuart Price? MJ collaborators? 

It's all sounding rather extraordinary isn't it?  Officially can't wait to hear the new single now.  Mika and his unique brand of sunshine pop has always been appreciated here at EQ.  

Are you excited?