When I first heard of 26 year old Floridian and reality TV star, Michael Sarysz from NBC TV show “Momma’s Boys” I really didn’t know what to think.  Obviously he’s the perfect specimen of man (just spend some time on his website and you’ll understand why..) but under all that heart-throbbiness and GQ good looks is a very talented and diverse musician who shows major potential and drive in his quest to win over our ears and hearts.   

What I admire most about Michael Sarysz is that he’s not the type of artist that is interested in being classified into one genre of music.  His passion for music and diverse music styles is very much reflected in the early tracks that he’s put up on offer for you to hear on his website.  For those of you who appreciate a good dance beat, “Night Love” is geniusly crafted to satisfy the cravings of your inner jitter bug.  The track sounds like an unforgettable and mind-blowing night out on the set of Queer As Folk.   On the flip side, Michael’s also working on an album of pop songs which are coming together rather brilliantly.  Listen to “Soulja 4 Love” and you’ll find that it’s a fresh and instantly catchy pop song that’s nothing short of infectious and completley radio friendly.  Not ashamed of his early boyband past either, you can even hear his first single from the 90’s on the website – “Won’t Be Back”.

I had a chance to catch up with Michael last week to not only discuss his music, but also find out why this musician with heaps of potential chose to take a risk and go on a reality TV show. 


When I asked Michael about why he chose to go on “Momma’s Boys” with his mother, he enthusiastically told me the story how it all happened..

Michael Sarysz:  I have a great relationship with my mom.  I’ve had my share of “not the best girl selection” if you know what I mean…(laughs).  My mom was at work and was just surfing the web looking for new shows that were casting and she came across this show called “Momma’s Boys”.  She clicked onto that and said “OMG that is so you – we got to do this.”  I didn’t know anything about it actually.  So she wrote them an email and they wrote her back 20 minutes later.  It was amazing.  So she’s talking to them and then they asked to talk to me, so she said, “Well I better tell him about it first”.  I had no idea!  She calls me and says “Michael – you are gonna kill me”.  I said “What?”.  “I was online and I saw this show Momma’s Boys on NBC and I wrote them and they are gonna call you!”  So I answer the phone when they call – I was weirded out!  I thought they must be playing a joke on me in the office!  The next thing you know we were in Santa Barbara filming and here I am.

When I asked Michael about any concerns about going on a reality show, he replied…

Michael Sarysz:  You know I didn’t go into this show acting like a big shot or someone I wasn’t.  I wanted to go in there and wanted to act just like me.  My mom was just herself too which wasn’t an issue for her. She was definitely herself.  It was a very real thing, moment to moment, real feelings and experiences.  Knowing that it was with Ryan Seacrest and NBC, I knew it wasn’t going to be a waste of time or hurtful to my image.  I wanted to make sure I was who I was.  If you try to put on a show and be someone you’re not, you can be misconstued.  I know I worked hard in the past and I wasn’t about to tear my name apart.

Michael-Sarysz3 Michael Sarysz has got the looks, the attitude and a passion and talent for crafting some very good pop and dance tunes.  Take a minute to check out his tracks over on his website.  Not too many people can carve a bright future for themselves in music after coming off a reality TV show, but something tells me that Michael Sarysz might just be able to do that. 

Take a listen to the hot dance track “Night Love” right now to get a taste for what Michael Sarysz has to offer.