I could very easily get obsessed with new psychedelic electric popsters, MGMT (pronounced “Management”). Doing my weekly cruise of iTunes, I ran across their cleverly named album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ and based on the comments alone by other music fans, I thought it was worth checking out.

What can I say about the album? Well, it’s simply delicious. It’s like everything I don’t like about 70’s rock music, turned good. It bakes my brownie. It lights my cigarette in a non-smoking world. It makes me want to become a barefoot hippie-synth touting bohemian. ‘Kids’ is like an electronic orgasm. ‘Electric Feel’ could have easily been the next Scissor Sisters hit (watch out Jake Spears), ‘Weekend Wars’ sounds somewhat reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins a wee bit, and single ‘Time To Pretend’ is just gorgeous.

It’s as clear as day why the boys are on the hot tip in 2008. They are blowing up in the UK now and have definitely peaked my curiosity. I don’t think their MySpace or official website really gives you a clear feeling of how brilliant they truly are, so have a look if you must, but take my word for it and quickly go download their masterpiece album now.

Here is the YouTubage to ‘Time To Pretend’…but you may also want to view this in high quality on this link as well.

We’ll be watching MGMT in 2008!