What happens when you dump your girl and whine about it to your friends?  Well they take you on a road trip through picturesque England to help you get over it with some good ol male bonding.  Or at least that’s what the boys from Metronomy are doing in way of their lead single "Heartbreaker" from new album "Nights Out".

Joe Mount from the band explains the premise of the song in more detail:

"The gist of "Heartbreaker" is having a friend who’s in some awful relationship, and keeps hassling you and talking to you about it. So it ends up ruining your friendship. So, do us both a favour: ditch her. It’s not so much that friends have done this to me, but I’ve definitely done it to friends of mine. It’s a love song between two men, but it’s kind of hidden that that’s what it is."

My advice Joe:  Said girlfriend sounded like a bitch.  You did the right thing in dumping her.  Stop whining about it to your friends –  just snog them instead, it’s more fun.  Love makes the world the go round…aint no room in this life for bitches. 

Enjoy "Heartbreaker" in all it’s depressing, yet soothingly pleasant and quirky electronic glory.