I guess if anyone could completely breathe new life into a Kanye West track, your first thoughts might not instantly be directed to that of French chanteuse Cocovan.

Whilst we know, as we have been following Cocovan’s every pop movement that the discerning Parisian is every inch the sassiest performer, she now provides an exemplary re-work of Kanye’s gangsta hip hop number “Mercy” to ultimately stun us by her diverse manifold of artistic genius.

Oh la, la, it’s sonic formula is so sensual and slinky, it’s completely poles apart from the original.

If your wondering why Cocovan has stretched out with this cover, it’s because it forms part of her engaging “Cocorama” web-series that is unlocking the secrets of the Cocorama universe with splendidly chic vignettes of beautiful sights and sounds.

Really you, shouldn’t miss out on it, it’s all beyond fantastical! Subscribe to her Youtube and become part of it.