I was just saying to myself the other day, "I wonder when we are going to get news from MEN…" and ta-dah – this came through!  It looks like MEN are set to release their debut single "Credit Card Babie$" on September 6th.  Out of all the tracks I've heard from MEN so far – "Credit Card Babie$" is their best one for me and I always play it at EQ Live and it's a firm fave on my iPod playlist.  The gender-bending and politically-challenging trio have turned me into a mega fan during their last trip to London and I'm so excited to hear they are moving forward with a debut single and promise that the album will soon be coming in 2011.

Catch up with MEN and listen to "Credit Card Babie$" on their MySpace and if you missed our EQ interview with them back in January, you can read all about that right here, right now.

"I'm gonna fuck my best, I'm gonna fuck my best, to make a little tiny baby…"