Well hello EQs!  As some of you know, I’m on holiday at the moment in New York City with Gerilicious and that is why blogging has been a bit infrequent.  However I’ve been doing some rather cool music things and one of the highlights of my trip so far has definitely been meeting the lovely Doe Deere! 

We caught up with Doe Deere at a cool little cafe near Christopher Street that boasts the oldest espresso machine known to man.  Doe is by far one of the nicest artists I have ever met.  Totally non-diva, totally sweet as pie with the cutest smile (I kept thinking she has that Renee Zellwiger thing going on) and a retro-fierce sense of fashion, Doe has confirmed my belief that she could easily be the next female pop artist to conquer the world.  I’ve been planting her album "Supernatural" in the hands of some industry friends and the general consensus is, and I quote, "I’m obsessed with this album!"

In our off-the-record chat with Doe over iced coffee (it’s hot in NYC) we talked about such topics as why Europeans prefer her track "One Touch" and why Amercians really connect with "Mona Lisa", the things that went wrong with Madonna’s "Hard Candy", how it’s hard for American pop artists to get gigs and why it’s easier if you’re an indie rock band (Doe used to sing in a rock band), club promotion in New York City (Doe has dipped her fingers into this as well and she even expressed an interest in getting on our roster if we bring EQ night to NYC!  Yes please!) and how coincidental it was that Doe picked a coffee shop that was closed to one of my favourite streets in New York City called "Minetta Lane" – which is also the title of my favourite Tommy Page song. 

All in all – a great meet up with one of the hottest new pop artists on the planet now.  I look forward to seeing Doe Deere’s star shine brighter and brighter in the future and feel lucky to have met her!  She may not be a household name right now, but for me, she’s a superstar in my world!