This is John B.  He’s a bit of a hardcore party boy, DJ and remixer and he’s been spending a large chunk of his time obsessing over people on MySpace.  He even penned a song about it which we happen to like called, quite simply, ‘I’ve Been Stalking U On MySpace’.  Unsurprisingly enough, you can listen to it over on this MySpace profile as well.  We’re quite fond of the ‘Electrohouse Remix’ – you weren’t surprised by that at all now were you?

More importantly – we’re way more impressed with his custom made Madonna t-shirt that he is sporting in above said photo.  In fact, we’re somewhat jealous to say the least.  We want one. 

More of John B’s music and his outrageousness sense of dress and crazy hair can be found here.

I’ve Been Stalking You On MySpace – Electrohouse Remix