Europop’s latest international offering to the world stage is Bermuda Triangle – a Norwegian fivepiece who are already proving popular in clubs across the continent. They’re also making an impression at international festivals, too, with performances at Denmark’s Roskilde and SXSW.

They’ve released two albums since 2003 and are ready to go worldwide with their third;  they’re leaving behind a darker past and coming up with something more explosive and exciting for ‘Lover Computer City’, which is released outside Norway this spring.

With a pretty big line-up including two vocalists, their live shows are said to be something well worth catching, and if the video to their latest single ‘You Said We Were Heroes’ is anything to go by, they certainly know how to put on a performance. Check out those lasers.

The track is their latest single and is available to download now, along with its predecessor ‘Breathe Freely’. It starts slowly but soon hits a driving chorus – from then on in it’s pure europop, as contagious as you could ever hope for. The bold and brutal lyrics –‘You said we were heroes / Daring to tear ourselves apart’ - hint at their gloomier origins but overall the track points to a bigger, brighter sound for their upcoming album. 

Check out the video for ‘You Said We Were Heroes’ here, and have a look at their MySpace for more. You can also download the track for free from their Soundcloud page.