cocovan 2

I am going to put my tweet where my mouth is, as just recently I tweeted out that I felt Cocovan was the embodiment of an independent pop artist. I stand by that! her boundless creativity has that touch of beyond special about it, she is such an astute visionary, and the creative flair aside, you sense Cocovan completely immerses herself in her work and I don’t think anyone out there could possibly represent her as well as Cocovan herself to be honest.

Cocovan has dropped off onto the internet a delightfully new and perfectly rounded electro pop bon bon, titled “Mascara” which she’s describing as her drama queen anthem.

The latest pop gold is shaken with shimmery lashings of catchy pop melodies that seem to flow so readily from her creative viewpoint. You’d be hard pressed NOT to in anyway love it really!

Cocovan has her pop formula worked out in her noodle, and it definitely works for sure – “Mascara” is further testament to this.

Like her on Facebook and you’ll get “Mascara” for FREE. To my mind its one of the best pop bargains of the summer you’ll be likely to find.