As of today, Madonna mania is full speed ahead as "4 Minutes" will be hitting radio worldwide and it will ready to download from tomorrow in the UK I hear.  Some of my online buddies put out news today that Madonna is possibly doing a promo tour as well and here is what they had to say about that…

Madonna is going to be doing the promo tour at the beggining of April, after the first single – "4 Minutes" – comes out. The promo tour is to take place in Los Angeles, New York and London. She is in the studio rehearsing her vocals, just setting all the vocal arangements. Madonna said she was wanting to do like five songs.

As for her world tour, Madonna said she wanted to do the tour at the beggining of November 2008. She wanted to do it at a different time of year. And she wants it to kick off in Australia. Madonna is already casting for the tour (as confirmed by Perez Hilton), but she says she is going to use most of her dancers from the Confessions Tour because they have that hip hop dance style already.

You may also be interested in hearing this sneak peak via Drowned Madonna of new track from "Hard Candy" called "Miles Away" that was aired on Asian TV earlier. 

It’s all kicking off again EQs!